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How to make molato soap and recipes for molato soap

How to make molato soap is the trending research on Google as many ladies especially Nigerians are daily researching on the best recipes for making different molato soap. Molato soap gives you 4 to 5 skin shades lighter with no green veins or reaction. To know more about the possible side effects of molato soap, check out our next article.

Molato soap Recipes

1. Carowhite Soap-3
2. Easy Tone SPF 30 carrot soap 3 OR CAROTONE SOAP
3. K brother carrot soap 2
4. Soap Activator 1 liter
5. Glutathione Comprime Soap 2
6. White Harsh Soap 15 ball 3 Days Balls 3 nylon
7. Yellow Ozone 3
8. Sandalwood Powder 50g
9. Larissa Soap 2
10. Toujour Soap 2

How to make molato soap

How to make molato soap

1.Grate the soaps in a sterilized bowl
2. Add your soap activator and leave over night.
3. Add your sandalwood powder and stick blend.
4. Package in a container and store for 24hrs before selling or using.

Also, after grating the soap, you can pour them into crock pot and cover it for like 20 to 30 minutes, after which you can add your sandalwood powder.

Recipes for molato whitening soap

1. 4 Asante papaya soap
2. 6 K brother papaya soap
3. 4 Nano Extra White Natural papaya
4. 6 Extra beauty herbal Soap
5. 3 Lee papaya kojic soap
6. 2 Frutamin soap
7. 10 Harsh white soap
8. 2 ball Ozone soap white.
9. 2 nylons of 3 days whitening ball
10. Soap activator 1liter
11. Papaya powder 50g

How to make molato papaya soap

1. Pound your soaps and add all your soap activator and other oil to make it soft
3. Add other ingredients and leave for a 2days to blend well before you package

RECIPES for molato papaya soap

1. Two Cottage soap 1kg
2. Ghana white soap 1pack
3. Soap activator 100ml
4. Kojic acid powder 2spoon
5. Glutathione powder 2spoon
6. Rice powder 2spoon
7. Malic acid powder 2spoon
8. Ghana hot oil 100ml
9. Pineapple fragrance 2spoon
10. Glycolic acid 1spoon
11. Lactic acid 2spoon
12. 1 Etra whitening strong serum
13. 1 Stretch marks oil
14. Two spn Snow White powder
15. 2spn Mulberry powder
16. Almond oil 50ml


1. Grate your soaps into a clean bowl
2. Then Soak them with your soap activator
3. Leave it till the second day
4. Then mix them with electric hand mixer or hand
5. Your soap is ready for use.


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