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Top 5 best mobile phone companies in the world 2021

In today’s world, the demand for smartphone is rising every day and currently, this market has grown into a billion dollar and still rising. New Al are entering the smartphone market every day as new companies are being born all over the world with Countries around the world competing to make their own mobile phones. The biggest Mobile producing countries are China, South Korea, America, Japan, India, Russia and many more. In today’s article, we will look at the top 5 best mobile phone companies in the world 2021 that have taken over the mobile market and we will try to find out how fast the companies have built their position.


Top 5 best mobile phone companies in the world 2021

1. Samsung phone company 2021
2. Huawei phone company 2021
3. Apple phone company 2021
4. Oppo phone company 2021
5. Xiaomi phone company 2021

Top 5 best mobile phone companies in the world 2021

Samsung Phone Company

Samsung is a very well known name in the smartphone market with many new innovations and they’re largely known for producing good products to the market which is at the top of consumer demand. They are the first company in the world to deliver all kinds of Apple chips and LCD monitors. And currently they occupies 21% of the mobile market worldwide which is lesser as to when compared to the last few years when their mobile market share was around 33%. But despite the fall in their market share, they are the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world. The Samsung company does not only manufacture mobile phones but they’re also into the production of different types of products in the electronics and telecommunications sector.

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Huawei phone company 2021

Huawei company is one of the largest in the telecommunications sector worldwide and one of the few among the Chinese technology giants. The company is currently in the second position in the current world mobile share market after it surpassed Apple and shocked the world in 2018. Their current global market share is 15.8%. and in 2020, the company earned about 1.5 billion dollars and they also boost of about three lakh 20 thousand employees.

Top 5 best mobile phone companies in the world 2021

Apple phone company 2021

Everyone thinks of Apple first when it comes to a good quality phone because Apple has always made quality products and has earned a very good reputation all over the world by bringing an OS which is completely different from Android and have taken themselves to another level in the market demand. Their monopoly business is doing very well and they were in second place in the world market share until 2018 when it lost to Huawei and moved to third place. In 2018, the company with 132000 employees earned 265 billion dollars, which is a huge record in the mobile stock market. But a survey has shown that Apple’s popularity is declining due to its upward price because most users do not have enough budget to buy their phones. In 2020, they brought a phone called Apple SE 2020 to the market because of this upward price. . Which has aroused a lot of response. We hope that Apple will be the best smartphone company in the world very soon.

Oppo phone company 2021

Oppo Mobile Phone Company is another one of Chinese tech giants that started their company in 2001. They appeared in the Chinese market for the first time with a mobile phone in 2010 and went on to become the leading leader in the Chinese market in 2016, the same year, they started to run their business all over the world. In a very short span of time, they have taken the biggest place in the mobile market with their very good quality products and their features. From very good quality cameras to RAM, Oppo have made the customer their own very quickly according to the needs of the special customers. In 2018, they occupied 8.5 percent of the global mobile stock market which helped them to the fourth position.

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Xiaomi phone company 2021

Xiaomi is a consumer electronics and computer hardware maker that started in the smartphone market in August 2011 and since then, has been on the rise without looking back.

Despite facing lots of challenges in the European market, they have survived well and at the moment, they have earned about 25 billion in 2020 and has about 1,800 employees. In addition to smartphones, Xiaomi are making smartwatch tablet computers, smart devices, laptops and smart TVs. They are one of the top 3 smartphones in high demand in Bangladesh thanks to their state of the art features and all the benefits of their Android. The company held almost 8% market share in 2018.

I believe you enjoyed this Top 5 best mobile phone companies in the world 2021 comparison.


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